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Quanten Computing
Basics of quantum computing.  AdobeStock/ Bartek Wróblewski

Basic knowledge of quantum computing

Free Self-study Course – How it works and Use Cases

Do you want to dive into the exciting topic of quantum computing yourself? To help you get started, the Fraunhofer Academy provides a free online self-study course.

At the beginning, the basic technical and physical knowledge of quantum technologies is explained, as well as the technological benefits of this knowledge. Afterwards, concrete use cases are presented and how quantum computing is expected to offer unimagined possibilities and improvements.

If we have piqued your interest and you would like to dive into the topic of QC in more detail and get an overview, we invite you to join our free self-study course. Here you will find further explanations of the technical background and possible fields of application.

Start building your competence for the future today and find answers to your questions with us.

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