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Certification of technical core components for a secure data space in the International Data Space (IDS). iStock/ Morsa Images

International Data Space Component Certification

Is my product IDS-ready?

You would like to offer or process data in the International Data Space (IDS) or enable your customers to do so?

Are you planning to develop your own components for this purpose and would like to have them certified for participation in the IDS?

The Solution:

Certification of core technical components for a secure data space.

In this training, you will learn what is required for successful component certification and participation in the IDS and compare this with the current development status of your components.

The International Data Space (IDS) initiative aims to create a secure data space that enables companies of different industries and all sizes to sovereignly manage their data assets. In the International Data Space, data is to be exchanged securely and provided with usage restrictions. This requires a trusted environment for enforcing usage rules. The acceptance of the IDS in the context of the exchange of business-critical data must be ensured. To achieve this goal, the certification process plays a central role.

In addition to the certification of the participating companies, all technical core components of the IDS in particular must be tested and certified according to the strict certification criteria.

This workshop explains the IDS certification criteria. Together with the speakers, your product will be evaluated based on the criteria. As a result of the three to five-day workshop, you will receive an overview of which functions and security features required by IDS certification have already been implemented and in which areas work is still necessary. On this basis, a concrete roadmap with the steps still required for IDS certification will be developed together.

The training is a course offering of the training program Lernlabor Cybersicherheit and is managed in collaboration by Fraunhofer FOKUS and Fraunhofer AISEC.

After the workshop you can:

  • Understand component certification in IDS on a technical level

  • assess the certifiability of your own product
  • evaluate advantages, benefits, risks of an IDS certification
  • realistically estimate the effort of an IDS certification for the own product

This workshop offers you...

... a decision basis for the IDS certification of your product.

... an assessment of the degree of coverage of the existing criteria for IDS certification

... a concrete roadmap with the steps still necessary for IDS certification after the workshop

Course Data


Upon Request

LanguageGerman or English, materials in English
3 to 5 days, depending on the complexity and degree of development of the product
LocationFraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin or Inhouse
Course FeeBy arrangement

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