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Low-code canvas has been published

News from Sep. 27, 2023

The Digital Public Services business unit today presents the publication Low-Code-Canvas – Gestaltungsaspekte von Low-Code-Plattformen, which was developed in cooperation with the Low-Code Association e.V., on the occasion of the German Low-Code Day 2023.

To mark today's German Low-Code Day, the Digital Public Services business unit at Fraunhofer FOKUS releases the publication “Low-Code-Canvas – Gestaltungsaspekte von Low-Code-Plattformen”. The publication was created in collaboration with the Low-Code Association e.V. in order to holistically consider technical and non-technical aspects when using low-code platforms. In the Fraunhofer FOKUS team, Jan Gottschick and Anna Opaska from the Specialist Processes & Secure Infrastructures expert group and Jens Tiemann from the Competence Centre Öffentliche IT contributed to the publication.

The objective of the low-code canvas is a proposal for the systematic consideration of low-code in order to derive individual requirements for ready-to-use software systems.

The low-code canvas provides four design perspectives

The low-code canvas is divided into thematic groups:

  • “Modelling” covers the typical technical aspects that users would like to adapt and expand. This list of models can be expanded to include geo-models, for example, depending on the area of application.
  • “Platform” includes the technical core on which a low-code solution is based.
  • “Quality” includes technical, economic and legal framework conditions that are implicitly assumed.
  • “Target group” includes which roles should be filled in a low-code project, or how the necessary personnel requirements can be created and in which project phases low-code should be used.

Presentation of the publication at the German Low Code Day

Anyone attending the German Low-Code Day today will be able to discuss the design aspects of low-code with Jan Gottschick from the Digital Public Services business unit. In addition to his keynote speech on the use of low-code, the low-code expert is looking forward to the discussion at the Fraunhofer FOKUS stand.

The German Low-Code Day is Europe's largest vendor-neutral low-code congress fair. The event is organised by the Low-Code Association in cooperation with the state of Lower Saxony and SIBB e.V. and brings together experts from the low-code scene in an in-depth specialist programme, workshops and networking formats.