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Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Report on usage monitoring of video streaming services

News from Mar. 09, 2021

Fraunhofer FOKUS has been tasked by the Commission for Determining Concentration in the Media (KEK) with preparing an report on the usage coverage of video streaming offerings. The KEK is responsible for ensuring the diversity of opinion in the context of the national organisation of television programmes and makes corresponding decisions.

The report is based on an analysis of existing methods for measuring the usage of video streaming services in the German market. It shows suitable approaches for a usage report that supports the tasks of media regulation. The KEK is striving for uniform usage measurement of live streaming, at best in combined reporting of usage figures for classic linear television, on the one hand, and video-on-demand (VoD) offerings, on the other.

In the context of the report, different methods for usage recording were analyzed that are used by streaming providers, metering service providers and market research companies. The following information was requested for the usage surveys currently used in the German market:

  • the survey level (e.g. platform, individual contribution, etc.)
  • the collection method incl. explanation (technical measurement including recorded end devices, surveys, multi-method models, etc.)
  • the respective panel size, number of participants, statement on representativeness
  • the measurement parameter (reach measurement/contact, usage-related measurement/duration of use, etc.)
  • the regularity of the survey, intervals or survey waves

The report summarizes the key findings for designing of an overall market model and a suitable measurement method.