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Honourable mention for paper on processing semantic data streams

News from Oct. 29, 2021

At the International Semantic Web Conference 2021 (ISWC-2021), the paper “A Native and Adaptive Approach for Unified Processing of Linked Streams and Linked Data” achieved 2nd place for the “SWSA Ten-Year Award” with an honourable mention. Authors include FOKUS Institute director and TU Berlin professor Manfred Hauswirth and FOKUS / TU Berlin researcher Dr Danh Le-Phuoc.

The paper by Danh Le-Phuoc, Minh Dao-Tran, Josiane Xavier Parreira, and Manfred Hauswirth presents one of the first systems for efficient, highly scalable processing of structured, semantic data streams (dynamic data) in combination with background knowledge (static data). The performance of the system was the best among the systems available at the time of the publication in 2011, it has significantly shaped and influenced the research field of semantic data stream processing, and continues to have an impact to the present day. The system makes it possible to easily and efficiently build applications in many fields, e.g. traffic monitoring, environment, Internet-of-things, edge computing, and the smart city.

The International Semantic Web Conference is one of the most important conferences in this research area. Every year at the event, the most influential contributions from the conference proceedings of the last ten years are honored by the Semantic Web Science Association with the “SWSA Ten-Year Award”. The decision is based primarily, but not exclusively, on the number of citations received by the papers from the conference proceedings during the past decade.