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May 21–22, 2019 – Berlin, Germany
AWS Workflow
AWS Media Services Workflow Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) - Innovate Faster in the Cloud

Build video workloads with AWS Media Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is enabling everyone across the media value chain to innovate faster, create additional business value from premium content, and engage viewers in new ways. All while only paying for what was used.

Highlights at FOKUS 2019:

  • Save bandwidth and costs in OTT video streaming with our Quality-Defined Variable Bitrate (QVBR) encoding feature, and Common Media Application Format (CMAF) packaging.
  • Build personalized and low latency OTT services that can be better than broadcast with features like low-latency encoding and AWS services like AWS Elemental MediaTailor and Amazon CloudFront CDN.
  • Build hybrid on-premise and cloud workflows with the best of AWS Elemental appliances combined with AWS Media Services
  • Accelerate your transcoding workloads with the launch of the latest AWS Elemental MediaConvert feature.
  • Contribute and distribute live video globally using the reach of AWS, and the latest AWS Elemental MediaConnect service. 

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Amazon Web Services 


Bitmovin - Broadcast quality streaming video

  • Encoding: Massively distributed video encoding that runs everywhere. Designed for cloud native workflows that run on any hardware and can be adapted to fit any workflow
  • Player: Display premium broadcast quality video, anywhere. Enables customers to deliver a high quality playback experience across Web, Mobile, OTT, Gaming and Smart TV platforms
  • Analytics: Control and present your data exactly as you need to, every time. Provides a rich dashboard and data APIs to analyze, troubleshoot and solve your adaptive streaming problems

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Ultra-Low Latency End-To-End Live Streaming Platform
Ultra-Low Latency End-To-End Live Streaming Platform Nanocosmos

Nanocosmos - nanoStream Cloud & H5Live Player

  • Ultra-low latency: Global CDN - go live around the world in 1 second
  • Cross-platform: Playback on ALL HTML Browsers including Safari on iOS
  • Flexible: Easy to integrate to existing live streaming workflows
  • Complete: Power your end-to-end workflow with Live Encoding Add-ons
  • Scalable: Easily scales capacity to thousands of viewers all over the world
  • Cost-effective: Reduced setup, hardware and maintenance costs
  • B2B focus: Perfect for content creators and platform operators
  • nanoStream Cloud Analytics & H5Live Metrics: Valuable insights for better QoS 

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Interactive Media Platform
Interactive Media Platform BitTubes

BitTubes - Interactive Media Platform - The most comprehensive end-to-end solution for creating interactive media

  • Create immersive interactive media experiences: Flat and 360° videos and images in one timeline
  • Advanced functionalities: animations, branching, overlays, hotspots, story paths, 3D, PiP, and much more
  • Cross-platform compatibility: Connected TVs, head-mounted displays, streaming boxes, mobiles, tablets and Desktop PCs
  • Clickstream analysis: Track user behavior to optimize user experience and monetization
  • Cloud-based platform: Including content management, editing and authoring tool, media player and analytics

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Bittubes Interactive Video

Linear TV Architecture and TV Apps for broadcast grade unicast solutions
Linear TV Architecture and TV Apps for broadcast grade unicast solutions Norigin Media AS

Norigin Media - Cloud Linear TV & TV Apps - OTT Solutions for broadcasters & operators


  • CAPTURE: Satellite Downlinking & IP ingest from contribution feeds from broadcasters
  • TRANSCODE: SD & HD Transcoding for linear channels, Catchup & DVR
  • PACKAGING: HLS, DASH and Multi-DRM integrations (FairPlay, Widevine & Playready)

TV Apps Suite:

  • MULTISCREEN: Single codebase to make TV Apps on mobiles, tablets, browses and Smart TVs
  • REACT NATIVE: Development resulting in native feel across all screens
  • CUSTOM DESIGN: Toolkits to create broadcast-grade UI/UX

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Norigin Media

OTT Streaming Workflow with Server-Side Ad-Insertion
OTT Streaming Workflow with Server-Side Ad-Insertion Nowtilus

Nowtilus - Serverside.AI - Monetize Your Videostreaming

Stream Personalization with targeted In-Stream Ads

  • Inserts Video Ads into Live-Linear TV and VOD content on server-side
  • Transitions buffer-less between content and ads on all devices
  • Integrates in streaming workflows and drives ad-revenues
  • Creates Linear OTT channels with broadcast TV experience
  • Scales for large audiences with analytics in real-time

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Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS) powered by HbbTV 2.0
Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS) powered by HbbTV 2.0 Fraunhofer FOKUS

Dynamic Ad Substitution (DAS) - Seamless Client-Side Ad-Insertion in HbbTV 2.0

  • Dynamic ad-substitution in linear broadcast based on HbbTV 2.0
  • One-to-one targeted ad-delivery for TV
  • Delivers a TV-like experience with personalized ads
  • Standards based client-side ad tracking and reporting through VAST
  • Smart ad breaks and seamless ad-server integration with Google Ad Manager
  • Supports DVB stream events and TEMI timeline

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Server-Side Ad Insertion in MPEG DASH and HLS
Server-Side Ad Insertion in MPEG DASH and HLS Fraunhofer FOKUS

Server-Side Ad Insertion - Content Monetization and Channel Origination

  • End-to-End solution for Server-Side-Ad-Insertion in HLS and MPEG DASH
  • Video on Demand and Live support
  • Highly scalable and flexible through manifest manipulation
  • Targeting “one-to-one” audiences in OTT services
  • Standards based reporting and ad-tracking through VAST and IAB OM SDK
  • Client and Server-Side Beaconing
  • Cloud native, containerized deployment
  • Supports SCTE35 cue marker, ad-slates, ad-podding and dynamic ad-conditioning

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Per-Title Encoding Workflow
Per-Title Encoding Workflow Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM ML-Enabled Per-Title Encoding

  • Per-title/Content-aware encoding solution for live and VoD content leveraging machine learning techniques like Decision Trees and Deep Neural Network
  • Constant validation and retraining of the machine learning models to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the system
  • Calculation of video quality metrics like VMAF, PSNR and SSIM
  • Detection of complex metadata like scene changes, object classification and labeling for each video
  • Codec agnostic approach, can be applied to H.264, H.265, VP9, AV1 etc.

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FAMIUM ML-Enabled Per-Title Encoding

FAMIUM Packager Features
FAMIUM Packager Features Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM Packager - Live Low-Latency Streaming with CMAF

Supported standards & features:

  • MPEG-DASH (ISO/IEC 23009)
  • Common Encryption (ISO/IEC 23001-7)
  • DASH-IF CPIX (Content Protection Information Exchange Format):
  • Interoperable and secure key exchange between entities in a multi-DRM backend
  • HLS (RFC 8216)
  • CMAF (ISO/IEC 23000-19)
  • Metrics/Analytics using SAND: ISO/IEC 23009-5
  • Dynamic Ad-Insertion features (multi-period, XLink, Events)

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SANDServer Web Interface 
SANDServer Web Interface  Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM SAND - Streaming Analytics, Tracking, Reporting and Traffic Shaping

  • MPEG-SAND: Server and Network Assisted DASH
  • FAMIUM SANDLibrary and SANDServer cover SAND metric reporting and SAND shared resource allocation
  • Real-time metric reporting to monitor OTT player performance
  • Shared resource allocation allows fair bandwidth sharing of multiple DASH clients competing for bandwidth in the same network (e.g. sports stadium, plane, train, home networks etc.)
  • QoE Score is derived from OTT streaming metrics
  • ML-enabled prediction of QoE Score

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WMATS2018 Landing Page
WMATS2018 Landing Page WAVE

WAVE - Web Media API Snapshot 2018 (WMAS 2018) Test Suite

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WAVE Test Suite

Videoload HTML5 Player UI
Videoload HTML5 Player UI Videoload

Videoload - Cross-platform HTML5 Player

  • Playback of MPEG-DASH, HLS and MSS adaptive streaming formats using native browser APIs (MSE, EME)
  • Supports PlayReady, Widevine and FairPlay DRM
  • Compatible with Chrome (and Chromecast), Firefox, Edge, Safari (and Airplay)
  • Responsive UI for optimal UX

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FAME reference project Videoload

Companion Screen Features
Companion Screen Features Fraunhofer FOKUS

HbbTV Operator Apps - Companion Screen Use Cases

The HbbTV Companion Screen API enables a smartphone or tablet to launch HbbTV applications on the TV or to connect to already running applications like HbbTV OpApps

Core Features: 

  • Discovery, Launch, Communication, Synchronization, Disconnect
  • Android & iOS compatible
  • Multiple CS devices can connect to the same TV

More information
HbbTV 2.0 Companion Screen Framework 

360° for HbbTV Deployments
360° for HbbTV Deployments Fraunhofer FOKUS

Cloud-based 360° Video Playout- A new 360° video experience for HbbTV

  • Experience High Quality 360° videos on major TV Platforms (e.g. HbbTV, Android TV), Web, and mobile
  • Support of Live and On-demand 360° Video Streaming
  • Reduce Bandwidth and Processing by applying Cloud-based prerendering approach
  • Efficient Delivery over existing CDNs using DASH and DRM Support over EME

More Information:
360° Video Playout

BERLIN – Schicksalsjahre einer Stadt from RBB, created using MPAT
“BERLIN – Schicksalsjahre einer Stadt” from RBB, created using MPAT RBB

Smart TV Apps made easy - Market-ready solution for engaging HbbTV apps

Based on the WordPress CMS, the Multi Platform Application Toolkit enables content creators, especially broadcasters and producers of TV programmes, to easily create cost-efficient, compelling HbbTV apps.

The open-source MPAT core:

  • provides a CMS for HbbTV apps
  • can build apps from scratch or use reference applications
  • is compliant with most Smart TVs
  • is available as either hosted (SaaS) or as local installation
  • supports selected CMS

More Information:
FAME reference project MPAT

Hyper360's 3D capturing system
Hyper360's 3D capturing system Hyper360

Hyper360 3D capturing tool - Enriching 360° media with 3D storytelling

Hyper360's 3D capturing system is designed so as to provide an affordable, economical solution that is easy to set-up and operate by non-expert and non-technical users.

It is a highly portable multi-sensor capturing system built around the latest RGB-D sensor technology.

  • Captures full 3D representation
  • Supports simultaneous capture with multiple consumer level RGB-D sensors
  • Temporal alignment of captured information for multi-view consistency
  • Sufficiently high frame-rates to support smooth viewing
  • Minimizes actions required to operate the system
  • Hides complexity from the final users

More Information:
FAME reference project Hyper360