Security Tester
Known security vulnerabilities caused by programming errors lead to most software security incidents. iStock/ skynesher

Security Tester – Basic

Basics of Security Testing

Over 90 percent of all software security incidents are caused by attackers exploiting known vulnerabilities. The majority of these are attributable to programming errors.

The introduction of a security testing process as well as the use of simple basic security testing techniques allow security-related vulnerabilities to be identified and assessed.

The systematic integration of testing activities with other life cycle activities, e.g. in the software development process, also promises to identify security gaps at an early stage and thus eliminate them cost-effectively.

The Solution: 

The course provides the general basics of safety testing. Specific safety testing methods, selection criteria for safety testing techniques as well as the relevant elements of the safety testing process, the individual test steps and their role in the development cycle are explained.

In addition, testing of simple security mechanisms, such as:

  • System hardening

  • Encryption
  • Firewalls
  • intrusion detection
  • Malware Scanning

as well as the test techniques required for this are presented. The course references established testing and security testing standards as well as the procedures and techniques described in them.

The training is a course offering of the training program Lernlabor Cybersicherheit and is offered by Fraunhofer FOKUS.

After the seminar you can...

  1. Apply basic security testing methods

  2. Select basic security testing techniques
  3. Set up and manage a security testing process
  4. Test simple security mechanisms
  5. Apply testing and security testing standards

This seminar offers you...

... systematic introduction to the basics of security testing

... Presentation of risk-based security testing

... introduction to security testing techniques like fuzzing

The target groups are...

  • Product managers

  • Project managers in product development, product developers
  • requirements developers, test developers
  • Test analysts, test managers, acceptance testers
  • Quality managers and consultants

Course Data

Event Format


LanguageGerman (English learning materials)
2 days
PrerequisitesBasics of software testing (e.g. ISQTB Certified Tester Foundation Level)
Course FeeEUR 1.200,- per Person

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