Sammelband Kuenstliche Intelligenz
Christian Mio Loclair/ Waltz Binaire

New anthology on the research topic of artificial intelligence published

News from Feb. 17, 2020

The latest publication of our Competence Center Public IT (ÖFIT) entitled “(Un)fathomable? Artificial Intelligence as a source of order” ((Un-)ergründlich? Künstliche Intelligenz als Ordnungsstifterin) examines perspectives and challenges of this key technology.

Within just a few years, the discussion of AI has moved from a highly scientific discourse dominated by specialists to a topic of broad media coverage. Artificial intelligence is considered a key technology of the 21st century.

The present volume brings together text and image contributions from science, civil society and art on central questions and challenges of artificial intelligence and thus ties in with the symposium of the same name “(In)fathomless? Artificial Intelligence as a source of order” and the salon evening “AI and Art. Shamans of the Digital Renaissance” (KI und Kunst. Schamanen der digitalen Renaissance) from October 2018.

The topics dealt with will focus on the interactions between technical possibilities of and social demands on AI. In addition to introducing basic concepts, the contributions offer a link to current discussions on the social compatibility, trust and designability of AI systems, as well as the opportunity for a visual experience of what AI can already achieve today.

The Blackberry Winter series of images by Waltz Binaire, which is included in the publication, accompanies the text contributions of the volume and illustrates learning steps of AI to create a three-dimensional human body.

The complete volume in german language is available for download on the ÖFIT website.