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Philipp Plum/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Fraunhofer technologies in action: lab concert shows possibilities of hybrid live events

News from Dec. 02, 2021

The magic of a live event comes from a variety of factors: The passion of the musicians, which is transferred to the audience. The interaction between audience and artists. The great aha moment of a spectacular stage set. How can these experiences be created in a hybrid format, especially in times of Corona? In the Virtual LiVe project, the three Fraunhofer Institutes FOKUS, HHI, and IIS are working with the creative industries and companies from the event industry on innovative concepts for hybrid live events.

Visitors can experience what this might look like in concrete terms at the hybrid laboratory concert on December 11, 2021, live in Berlin, Bochum, and virtually. That evening, artist Billy Andrews - The Dark Tenor - will perform at the Kesselhaus venue in Berlin.

Taking place under current Corona guidelines, the event will have three very special features: First, Billy Andrews will be accompanied live by Queenz of Piano, who will not play in the Kesselhaus but will make music together via the Digital Stage platform using the Internet. Second, the concert will be streamed live to the Planetarium Bochum. There, the audience will enjoy an audiovisual 360-degree experience - as if they were there for the live show. The concert will also be streamed in real-time to viewers' homes via the Internet. The applause of the Bochum audience and the participants of the online stream will be played back to the artist in the Berlin Kesselhaus. Synthetic applause is generated from emojis that can be sent via a web app. The goal here is for viewers to enjoy the concert in a way that is as close as possible to the live experience.

The Fraunhofer institutes involved are using various technologies to broadcast the live events:

  • The FAMIUM DASH platform is used for streaming via the Internet. It enables video streams to be transmitted with low delay (low latency), adaptive quality, and including auditory or visual feedback.
  • The artist's performance in Berlin's Kesselhaus will be recorded using OmniCam as a high-resolution 360° video stream and transmitted in real-time. The technology allows immersive panoramas to be streamed to the dome projectors in the Bochum Planetarium, as well as to VR glasses and mobile devices. MPEG-H 3D audio technology ensures enveloping 3D sound during transmission.

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