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Qrisp programming framework available as Eclipse technology

News from Nov. 27, 2023

The high-level programming framework Qrisp developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS is now available as open-source Eclipse technology. This enables structured, open development of Qrisp according to the rules of the Eclipse Foundation. With the Qrisp framework, developers can write efficient and scalable quantum algorithms.

The high-level Qrisp code can be compiled down to the quantum circuit level, making it fully compatible with most of today's physical backends that use quantum circuits. By automating much of the low-level coding duties, such as gate-by-gate assembly or qubit management, Qrisp aims to open this field of research to a broad audience of developers. This includes a user-friendly syntax, comprehensive documentation, and support for common programming paradigms such as variables, conditionals, loops, and many more. Due to its seamless embedding into the Python infrastructure, Qrisp is interoperable with many industrial and scientific libraries such as Numpy, Networkx, or TensorFlow.

Fraunhofer FOKUS has been a strategic development member of the Eclipse Foundation since 2020. As a non-profit organization with more than 300 members, the Eclipse Foundation supports European researchers and scientists in building open, entrepreneurial ecosystems of developers, organizations and public bodies. The collaboration aims to drive the development of technologies such as cloud, edge computing, artificial intelligence, connected vehicles, telecommunications and the Internet of Things.