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Fraunhofer FOKUS is a new member of 5G-MAG

News from Mar. 19, 2024

Since March 10, 2024, the Future Applications and Media (FAME) business unit of Fraunhofer FOKUS is a member of the 5G-MAG Media Action Group. The 5G-MAG members are working on 5G-based technologies and advanced media applications.

Media and telecommunications providers need to collaborate to utilize 5G's advantages, such as high transmission speeds, for future media applications. For example, they must agree on standards for requirements, services, and applications to exploit 5G's potential. 5G-MAG, a global, non-profit, and cross-industry association, works on such standards and strives for common solutions among its members.

An essential part of the work in 5G-MAG is the development of reference software to catalyze the adoption of new standards and verify their feasibility. Since 2021, Fraunhofer FOKUS has been coordinating the development activities for the official 5G-MAG Reference Tools. The work includes implementing standards, contributing acquired expertise to standardization committees, code reviews, and support for using the tools. The work on the 5G-MAG Reference Tools covers various aspects of 5G and media transmission, such as 5G Media Streaming, LTE-based 5G Broadcast, Multimedia Protocols, and 5G Multicast Broadcast Services.

Fraunhofer FOKUS researches digital transformation and its impact on business, technology, and society. The Future Applications and Media (FAME) business unit offers its project partners the technical know-how and solutions for realizing modern media applications. Research and development focus on implementing machine learning for media technologies, the interoperable support of different media platforms, the personalization of services, and the interaction with these services on a variety of end devices.

“We are very excited about joining the 5G Media Action Group. This provides us with the opportunity to utilize our media expertise and make valuable contributions to the various 5G-MAG working groups. As the coordinator of the 5G-MAG Reference Tools, I was actively involved in the work of 5G-MAG over the past three years. I am excited to expand our participation and contributions to other working groups in 5G-MAG”, said Daniel Silhavy, Project Manager at Fraunhofer FOKUS.