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Quantum computing made accessible: Qrisp high-level programming framework now publically available

News from May 08, 2023

With the increasing demand for quantum computing, there is a growing need for programmers to have access to powerful and user-friendly tools for programming quantum systems. For this purpose, scientists at the Quality Engineering business unit at Fraunhofer FOKUS designed and released Qrisp, a high-level programming framework that makes it easy for developers to write efficient and scalable quantum algorithms.

The Qrisp framework includes a range of features that enable developers to write quantum code with ease. High-level Qrisp code compiles down to the quantum circuit level, implying full compatibility with most of today's physical backends that utilize quantum circuits, making the framework one of the first of its kind. By automating much of the low-level coding duties, such as gate-by-gate assembly or qubit management, Qrisp aims to open this field of research to a broad audience of developers. This includes a user-friendly syntax, comprehensive documentation, and support for common programming paradigms such as variables, conditionals, loops, and many more. Due to its seamless embedding into the Python infrastructure, Qrisp is interoperable with many industrial and scientific libraries such as Numpy, Networkx, or TensorFlow.

Even though Qrisp is still in an early stage of development, FOKUS scientists were already able to show the benefits of its sophisticated resource management infrastructure: Using Qrisp structures such as quantum variables and quantum arrays, it is possible to solve the traveling salesman problem with better resource scaling than any previously known solution.

Users can test and see this solution themselves in the tutorial section - it requires less than 100 lines of code!

Qrisp is available for free installation as an open-source codebase on PyPi and GitHub. Qrisp is funded by the German ministry for economic affairs and climate action.