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Communication platform for the Internet of Things: OpenMTC goes Open Source

News from Nov. 08, 2017

On the occasion of the #Berlin5GWeek, Fraunhofer FOKUS has released a high-performance IoT (Internet of Things)-communication platform as open source software that can be used for the connected factory. The OpenMTC platform is a prototype implementation of a middleware which provides a standard-compliant platform for IoT services.

After six years of implementation, various national and international research and industry projects the oneM2M standard-conform communication platform OpenMTC goes open source. It supports numerous various sensors and device technologies and can be combined with other service platforms like the Industry 4.0 software OpenIoTFog. Over and above the industrial application it can be used in any machine-to-machine communication.

OpenMTC interconnects various sensors and actuators from different vertical domains. The software aggregates collected data, forwards data to applications and mediates instructions to end devices for event-based control.

Through REST application programming interfaces (APIs) application developers can access data from devices, without struggling about the underlying technology specifics of devices connected to the gateways.

Connectivity between the gateways and the backend can be either local networks, the Internet or operator managed networks, as oneM2M specifies network agnostic interfaces. OpenMTC software is written in Python and can be deployed on different hardware platforms (e.g. x86; ARM).