Non linear Video 

Non-linear Video creates an interactive video experience. Objects are clickable and are enabling your audience to explore, shop, learn and play while they watch video. Interactive and time independent navigation opens new ways to enrich video content. 

Non linear Video Grafik
Fraunhofer FOKUS


Non-linear Video is your one-stop shop for interactive content. Our technology opens up new ways of interaction between the content and your target audience. Clickable objects turn the raw video content into an interactive video surface. The viewer decides what kind of information and level of detail he wants to receive in addition to the video. Therefore non-linear Video supports a variety of supplemental content as video, audio, images, text, documents up to seamless integration of web contents and social media. Video content, enriched with such kind of features, increases viewer retention, engages and entertain viewers and allows for advanced storylines and character development.

NLV Key facts

  • Interactivity through clickable video objects
  • Content Management
  • Video Delivery and Syndication
  • Branded and customized Players for all major platforms
  • Analytics on object level
  • Social Network Integration

System Components

Designed as a cloud-based all-in-one solution, non-linear Video serves a comprehensive set of features for a wide range of target platforms, devices and applications. Our technical concept is entirely based on open Web technologies to allow a maximum of flexibility, platform-independence, and portability.

NLV Content Management System

The NLV CMS provides a web-based platform to create, manage, author, distribute and monetize interactive video content.

  • 100% web based - NLV CMS is HTML5 based and runs on all major browsers
  • view and manage account data, projects and videos
  • flexible and easy import and upload of video content
  • user friendly content and campaign management
  • automatic transcoding of video files for all NLV players

NLV Tagging Tool

Seamlessly integrated into our NLV CMS, the interactive video editor allows users to add interactivity to each video. Using the HTML5 based tool, users can easily add clickable tags, frames and dynamic shapes.

  • Create and edit interactive clickable areas and buttons
  • Add metadata, links and tags to videos and objects
  • Link commercials, product details, shop links and more
  • Integrated API for real time tags (e.g weather, twitter, ebay and RSS)

NLV interactive Players

Our players are designed for cross-platform usage and are available for all major devices and browsers including Web, Mobile and SmartTV through HTML5, Flash, iOS, Android, CE-HTML, and Mediaroom.

  • NLV CueTags highlight video hot zones and most interesting scenes Object Labels & Time synchronized overlays
  • Interactive screens including title, description, images and related links Widgets visualize available interactive elements
  • Social Media integration allows to share videos and object information on facebook, twitter and google+
  • Analyzer API for clickstream recording, tracking and evaluation of user behavior on object level
  • Video monetization through Ad-Server interfaces (VAST)