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VARiability In safety critical Embedded Systems

May 01, 2012 to Apr. 30, 2015

Profitability through optimal variant diversity of safety critical embedded systems

Embedded systems have become omnipresent components of various products. They perform in TVs, mobile devices and washing machines, but also in safety critical products such as Driver Assistance Systems (airbag control, ESP, ABS) or medical devices (infusion pumps, heart-lung and dialysis machines). Particularly in the latter, human life may depend on reliable performance of the systems. Therefore, they underlie various regulations and certification requirements, where the in these fields of application required functionality and reliability must be verified. At the same time, the producers of such systems face the challenge to provide their innovative and market-driven products of high quality in a time and cost efficient manner. Thus, the embedded systems used in these products usually are not developed from the ground up, but reuse approved solution components.

By the introduction of innovative software engineering approaches in non-safety critical fields (e.g. introduction of product lines, configuration management, modular systems) the development effort could be more than halved. Within the VARIES project 23 partners from seven European countries – including five partners from Germany – work on maximizing the potential of variability in safety critical embedded systems, which underlie additional requirements.

To reduce the effort of certification of safety critical end-products while having high variability and variety of products, adapted and expanded software technologies and methodologies are required. Therefore, the VARIES project team will develop an extensible reference platform for the "Variability Management". Various technologies for the development of product versions and the reuse of software components of different domains can be integrated via this platform. So, the information exchange between the various components will be enabled. Furthermore, VARIES aims to establish a „Center of Innovation Excellence“, where the concentrated knowledge about reuse and variant management is provided for interested parties from industry and research.


  • pure-systems GmbH
  • Berner & Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH
  • TÜV Süd AG
  • Atego Systems GmbH