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Oct. 01, 2003 to Dec. 31, 2005

The strong application of the standardised and formalised language constructs of TTCN-3 and UML 2.0 in mainstream industry provides a special challenge to the customers and providers of test products and services. Coupling the development of system models and tests helps to optimise the rapid implementation of test solutions. Combining the potential of UML2.0, the maturity of TTCN-3 and the advice of industrial manufacturers is an exciting process.

The need for appropriate means to test systems and software is still alive. Even though a huge number of test tools are on the market, series of conferences on testing continue to be held, and an international standard on testing methodology has existed for more than ten years. Most industries are still looking for ways to make their testing process more effective, efficient and understandable, to strengthen confidence in their products and services. In TT-Medal industrial and academic research teams have started a common offensive to establish a basis for the industrial application of tests and testing methodologies with advanced languages.


  • October 2005: TT-Medal received the ITEA Achievement Award 2005.
  • September 2005: TT-Medal becomes the FOKUS Project of the month.


The major outcome of the TT-Medal project is an effective and efficient test platform. The platform combines the work of the five different work packages and provides necessary processes, methodologies, tools and standards to improve testing. The TT-Medal project will also show how these new technologies should be used by providing training and organising workshops, as well as demonstrating where and why TT-Medal technologies should be used by gathering industrial experience. The figure summarises the work and the major elements of the TT-Medal project.


  • In TT-Medal key roles are assigned to international standards
  • the Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3) by ETSI, and
  • the Universal Modeling Language (UML 2.0) and its testing profile by the OMG.


  • The project is supervised by the ITEA organisation and supported by the german government (BMBF).
  • Our project partners are:
  • Conformiq Software
  • CWI
  • DaimlerChrysler
  • Improve Quality Services
  • LogicaCMG
  • Nethawk
  • Nokia
  • ProRail
  • Testing Technologies
  • VTT Electronics