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Deutsche Telekom

6G NeXt

6G Native Extensions for XR Technologies

  • Conducts research on infrastructure to identify the requirements of a future 6G network
  • Develops a high-performance backbone layer with ultra-fast software stacks and intelligent media processing
  • Integrates dynamic distribution of complex computing tasks using split computing and headless rendering
  • Enables interactive end-to-end transmission of real-time 3D holographic video
  • Supports a novel anti-collision system for aviation
  • Investigates user experience relation to QoS parameters
  • Tests the developed use cases on a real airfield

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BitmovinMWS2023 visual

Bitmovin - Experience the Future of Video

Video Solutions at Unbeatable Quality and Value

  • VOD and Live: Encoding solutions that achieve more with less through per-title, per-shot and multi-pass encoding
  • Playback: The ultimate Video Player that enables teams to test content and support more devices, while streaming video in the quality it deserves across every screen, anywhere in the world and tracks it all with in-depth audience and quality 
  • Analytics.Streams: an end-to-end out of the box solution that empowers developers of all levels, streamlining the video workflow and delivering the highest quality viewer experience

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Logic Media Solutions

Logic Media Solutions – PORTAL - AWS Workflows made simple!

Simplify your AWS based Media Supply Chains in a Snap…

  • PORTAL is a Modular SaaS Platform that helps to reduce the complexity of configuring and managing AWS based Media Supply Chains or Infrastructure.
  • PORTAL reduces operational overhead and lets you build and operate new Supply Chains in Minutes, using your own AWS Subscription
  • PORTAL Workflows range from Primary Distribution, Livestreaming, CDN, File handling, Cliping all the Way to creating CDN Distributions.
  • PORTAL offers an Easy and Transparent Business Model
  • PORTAL – get started today…

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Urban Hawk Demo Visual
Urban Hawk

Urban Hawk – Complex urban simulation as a service

Cloud based real-time simulations with collaborative access

  • Industrial metaverse: Cloud based scalable compute resources to run complex and large scale urban simulations secure and safe, with real-time interface into simulation, data and services.
  • Actionable intelligence: Make decisions faster through live data, and get quick responses and answers to your questions.
  • Collaborative planning & Digital twins: Provide concurrent access to your simulations for the whole team and clients. Add your own data and maps, customise to your needs, solicit feedback and facilitate change.
  • AI Gym: Generate synthetic data to train future AI models.

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DVBI Demo Visual
Andrey Popov

DVB-I – German DVB-I Pilot

A cross-organisation initiative exploits the opportunities for a future-proof TV experience

  • Development of a common and standardized future scenario
  • Providing a vision for a national market scenario
  • Demonstration of technical cooperation between public and private broadcasters
  • Development of solutions for the use of DRM and subscription services
  • Identification of technical gaps and requirements in the standard
  • Gaining experience with the aggregation of service lists
  • Collection of findings for further consideration of a possible launch of DVB-I services in Germany

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MWS 23 SAND Demo Image
Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM Streaming Analytics and dash.js

CMCD/CMSD, SAND, Content Steering, HTTP/3, MoQ

  • Streaming analytics using CMCD and SAND
  • Content Steering for DASH and HLS
  • Streaming optimizations with CMSD, HTTP/3 and Media over QUIC (MoQ)
  • Latest standards and features integrated with dash.js

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MWS 23 ABR Demo 
Fraunhofer FOKUS


Automated ABR testing for DASH and HLS media players 

  • Testbed for evaluation of ABR behavior in DASH and HLS players
  • Different bandwidth trajectories are applied to automated test runs
  • Virtualized deployment of server components
  • Streaming analytics via FAMIUM SAND 

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5G Mag MWS23 
Fraunhofer FOKUS

5G-MAG Reference Tools

Steps forward into 3GPP Rel-17 for 5G media applications 

  • 5G-MAG Reference Tools: Building an Open Software Toolbox for Connected Media Applications
  • First steps into hybrid services with 5G Media Streaming and 5G Broadcast for OTT apps and DVB-I services
  • First steps into managing QoS and consumption reporting in the 5G network for enhanced content delivery
  • A framework ready to uptake more functionalities towards 5G-Advanced and 6G
  • Developer community open to the industry and academia 

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5G Media Testbed MWS23
Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM 5G Media Testbed

Playground for Media Services over 5G 

  • The testbed enables the development, testing, evaluation and demonstrations of Media Applications and Services operated within a 5G Environment
  • Seamless integration with the MPEG Network Based Media Processing standard (NBMP) for leveraging processing capabilities and resources in the 5G Edge Cloud
  • Network Assisted Edge Rendering enabled by 5G MEC, NBMP and taking advantage of the low latency of 5G connectivity
  • Remote Media Production with sub-second latency for streaming professional content utilizing 5G Edge capabilities and WebRTC 

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Conformance Demo MWS23
Fraunhofer FOKUS

DASH & HLS Content Conformance

Validate media content against different guidelines and profiles

  • Software development program sponsored by DASH-IF, DVB, CTA WAVE, HbbTV and ATSC
  • Validate DASH content against different guidelines and profiles
  • MPD and segment validation of VoD and live streams 

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Dashjs Demo MWS23
metamorworks/ iStock

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Linear Addressable TV Monetization

  • das.js library to enable dynamic ad substitution on HbbTV and CTV
  • HbbTV library for Android
  • HbbTV-TA enables seamless ad substitution
  • Cue point handling through DVB stream events & TEMI
  • Ad pod and single spot replacement through server-side stitching
  • Advanced stream analytics, ad metrics and tracking 

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HbbTV Library MWS23
Fraunhofer FOKUS


DVB-I & HbbTV support for Android

  • Lightweight library built on top of Android WebView, without 3rd party dependencies
  • Easy and seamless integration into existing OTT applications and DVB-I clients via well documented APIs
  • Support of existing HbbTV applications targeting DVB broadcast environments without any modification
  • Support of DVB-DASH for low latency live and on-demand streaming
  • Deep integration with DVB-I and validated with ServiceLists from German public broadcasters 

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Greenstreaming Demo MWS23
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Green Streaming

Sustainable and Energy-Efficient Video Tech 

  • Green Video Player Mode
  • Green Content Steering
  • Green Streaming Analytics
  • AI-based Video Encoding
  • Increase energy-efficiency along the streaming value chain
  • Measure and decrease carbon footprint and GHG emission 

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Metaverse Stockphoto
iStock/ Thinkhubstudio

1ClickMetaverse Testbed

Evaluating consumer and enterprise metaverse applications

  • Supports the following 3D graphics engines: Unity, Unreal Engine and Omniverse
  • The integrated FAMIUM Metaverse framework enables rendering and streaming of computationally intensive 3D applications on any device
  • Support open protocols such as WebRTC for streaming remote rendered sessions
  • Runs on-premise, on the edge and in the cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure)
  • Collect and report rendering and streaming metrics for FAMIUM SAND 

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AI-powered  content-aware encoding workflow Fraunhofer FOKUS

Deep Encode

AI-powered Per-Shot Encoding

  • Content-aware encoding solution for live and on-demand video streaming
  • Achieves up to 60% bitrate reduction compared to traditional encoding settings, while maintaining same or improved visual quality
  • Leverages state of the art artificial intelligence and computer vision methods to detect important features in videos
  • Uses constant validation and retraining of the machine learning models to improve the accuracy and efficiency of the system
  • Video codec agnostic approach – works with h.26x, AV1, VP9 and more 

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CLM FAME Solutions Image 970/485
Nicolas Hansen/ iStock

Learning Technologies

Seamless, adaptive and secure presentation of learning media

  • AI technologies in educational platforms: i.e., learning recommendation systems, learning analytics, chatbots and semantic search.
  • Barrier-free access to licensed educational media from different commercial and free sources
  • Standardized and secure exchange of data and media between distributed educational services through the Common Learning Middleware

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