Nov. 13–14, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Open5GCore & the pragmatic approach towards 5G ecosystem

This demonstration will present the evolution of the carrier grade operator system beyond LTE/EPC. Based on the OpenEPC platform the Open5GCore includes new design and implementation features which enable the R&D departments to stream their research towards relevant results. The focus of this year demonstration is:

  • Supporting the 5G/LTE radio evolution
  • Flexible core network - design and implementation
  • Benchmarking the core network - new implementation architectures
  • Benchmarking the virtualization - is the cloud infrastructure ready for telecom

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OpenSDNCore: The extended NFV/SDN platform

This demo will demonstrate in a live complex laboratory environment the major functionality implemented within the OpenSDNCore, the Fraunhofer FOKUS practical implementation of SDN/NFV architecture. Including three heterogeneous data centers and interconnection with real carrier-grade radio networks as well as supporting dynamic internet connectivity, the environment enables us to practically demonstrate evolved concepts such as network functions placement, service function chaining and QoS, infrastructure and virtual services management, dynamic network infrastructures implementation. Additionally, massive device management and bootstrapping technologies will be presented, enabling the graceful end-to-end interconnectivity of device, virtual infrastructures and applications.

Robot Control using OpenMTC and WebRTC

We show how real-time M2M sensing and actuation and audio/video communication can be combined in this robot control service. OpenMTC mediates sensing data and actuating commands between a web-based application and Lego Mindstorm EV3 robots. A mobile device equipped with a gyroscope sensor uses the application to control the robot remotely. The robot has attached distance and colour sensors. For enriching the control session with multimedia component, a video capability based on WebRTC is integrated in the application to see the environment surrounding the robot live.

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Smart Building Sensing

The reduction of energy consumption in buildings requires identification of energy consumers in buildings and manufacturing locations without interfering with existing electric infrastructure. We provide insight on our in-house monitoring system based on an OpenMTC installation with 15 gateways and 30 sensors delivering information about environmental data as energy usage, light intensity, temperature, humidity and movement. This non-invasive sensing provides a first step into optimizing the energy consumption. The OpenMTC dashboard allows to browse available gateways and to discover all attached sensors and the visualization of their data. This data is provided to a Big Data platform that is capable of correlating the measured information with e.g., weather data and forecasts.

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Connectivity awareness and management for M2M Services

In order to offer a solution for the drastic increase of M2M devices and M2M connections, FOKUS has developed an efficient and elastic device management solution based on the OMA Lightweight M2M device management protocol. It provides all the M2M device endpoints with required device configuration information such as connectivity parameters. The scalability of the solution is demonstrated using numerous emulated M2M devices, which are sending data to the network application which changes its IP location in the cloud.