Development and test environment for IPv6 based products

The IPv6 Test Lab bundles SQC’s competencies in the area of IPv6 testing and offers a wide range of services to potential partners. In the context of various international projects, SQC has developed several test suits in the area of IPv6-Testing. Fraunhofer FOKUS has also built the IPv6 test bed for executing various tests as well as product evaluation. Furthermore, SQC delegated several experts to ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) for the development of IPv6 test suits.

Communication networks are on the path towards all IP network infrastructures, which allows the provisioning of NGN (Next Generation Network) telecom networks and multiservice (i.e. voice, data, video etc.) Future Internet type of networks. In the course of this process, IP plays the role of gluing together the transport layer and the underlying link and physical layer technologies, such as Ethernet, SDH, Frame Relay, etc. Clearly, IPv6 constitutes the set of latest advances in IP research and development, which have also successfully passed the process of standardization at IETF.

IPv6 Testbed
IPv6 Testbed Fraunhofer FOKUS

“So, IPv6. You all know that we are almost out of IPv4 address space. I am a little embarrassed about that because I was the guy who decided that 32-bit was enough for the Internet experiment. My only defense is that that choice was made in 1977, and I thought it was an experiment. The problem is the experiment didn't end, so here we are.”

Vint Cerf, American computer scientist and one of the “fathers of the Internet”

Our Offer

  • Load and stress tests of industrial products
  • IPv6 Conformance Testing - amongst others IPv6 Ready Logo Certification Tests
  • IPv6 interoperability testing - amongst others IPv6 Ready Logo Certification Tests
  • Client support relating to configuration and initial implementing of a IPv6 testbed - amongst others testbed for IPv6 Ready Logo Certification Tests
  • Security testing based on Fuzzing Technologies