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Axel Rennoch
Project Manager
Business Unit SQC
+49 30 3463-7344
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Jan. 01, 2005 to Apr. 06, 2025


Standardized communication protocols and technical specifications do require unique descriptions for testing. At the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) most test specifications are defined and standardized using the Testing & Test Control Notation (TTCN-3). This work requires the

  • development of very large test suites in parallel team work,
  • creation and usage of TTCN-3 libraries, and
  • validation with/without the system under test (SUT).

Project Goals

SQC members participated in the following STFs/TTFs:

  • Hiperman: STF 252,
  • IPv6: STF 276,
  • SIP/ISUP-A&B: STF 297/301/348/366,
  • SIP/ISDN and SIP/SIP Network integration: STF 306/ STF369,
  • SIP/ISUP-C: STF 310/387,
  • Suppl. services TIP/TIR, OIP/OIR, HOLD: STF 334/335/336,
  • TTCN-3 Evolution: STF 337/446/478/491/514/573, TTF T003/T014/T023/T032,
  • SIP/SDP in IMS core network: STF 346 (rel. 7), STF 445/467/471 (3GPP release 10),
  • IMS: NNI interop (STF 394), supplementary services (STF 406),
  • DIAMETER Rx, Gx, S6, S9, Cx, Dx, Sh, Dh: STF 434/443/450/466/480/544/579,
  • EPC S1-MME interface (STF 519, 526),
  • VoLTE/ViLTE interoperability test description over 4G/early 5G in physical/virtual environments (STF 574, TTF T006),
  • Conformance Test Specifications for the SCC-AS Services (TTF T016)
  • MBT/TDL: STF 442/476,
  • 3GPP TTCN specifications for User Equipment: STF 160,
  • oneM2M TST TTCN-3 conformance tests: TF-001, STF 559_ONEM2M.
  • VoLTE Emergency IoP test descriptions (TTF T010)
  • Conformance Test Specifications for the 5G NGAP and 5G NAS protocols (TTF T033/T041)
  • Towards a Harmonized Documentation Scheme for Trustworthy AI (TTF T038)


Testing & Test Control Notation (TTCN-3)


STFs/TTFs are organized by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI). Their members come from multiple international companies and institutions. The STFs/TTFs are supervised by the following ETSI groups and departments:

  • Technical Committee BRAN
  • Technical Committee INT
  • Technical Committee MTS
  • Technical Committee ITS
  • Technical Commitee SmartM2M
  • Centre for Testing and Interoperability (CTI)