Jan. 01, 2017 to June 30, 2018

The documentary is the genre with the largest growth in ad views and the second largest content genre in the movie titles catalogue, surpassing traditionally popular genres such as comedy or adventure films. This makes documentaries ideally suited for the inclusion of interactive features and personalized viewing experiences. But only few broadcasters and content producers have the knowledge, time and resources needed to produce additional content for documentaries.

PRODUCER will improve the creation, presentation and effectivity of documentary features by offering tools and support for all the relevant stages.

The tools provided not only reduce the required time and costs for editing the documentary, but also add novel and attractive aspects, like personalized versions of the same original documentary tailored to audience's preferences, interactivity of the add-on enrichments, second screen capabilities or the 360° playout option. As a result, PRODUCER makes documentaries more accessible to audiences and increases the emotional and inclusive effect.

Preproduction Tools

  • Open Content Discovery tool to reduce time and cost of research about the topic of the documentary. The Open Content Discovery tool collects data across open repositories and  achieves to discover information related to the documentary topic.
  • Audience Building & Integrated Trends Discovery to identify topics that are most likely to engage the audience, via adopting enhanced trends analytics techniques. This includes linkage to social networks, enabling the documentary producer to keep the finger on the pulse of the audience. 

Production Tools

  • Automatic Annotation tool to provide annotations paired and time aligned with the multimedia content, based on multimedia content analysis. The provided annotations makes the multimedia content easily searchable. Existing available multimedia content can be easily retrieved by the producers and re-used in the production process.
  • Multimedia Content Storage, Search & Retrieval tool to enable the storage of the professional and user generated content in a structured repository, grouped by thematic units. Based on the documentary content appropriate hashtags and indices will be offered, simplifying the publicizing to a wide audience on social networks.

Interaction Tools

  • Interactive-Enriched Video Creation tool to facilitate the easy introduction of interactivity layers over the produced documentary
  • 360° Video Playout tool, enabling 360° video playout on HbbTV devices.
  • Second Screen Interaction tool, enabling multi-device interaction in conjunction with HbbTV devices, with a special focus on interactive advertising.
  • Social Recommendation & Personalization tool to filter targeted multimedia  based on the audience, in order to make it even more appealing to a larger audience. 

PRODUCER Ecosystem 

  • PRODUCER provides a dedicated Personalized Interactive Documentary development and distribution platform to facilitate the cost-effective and time-efficient creation as well as the distribution for multi-screen environments from SME production houses 
  • It serves as the unique point of engagement and collaboration of all ecosystem players  of the Personalized Interactive Documentary creation and distribution process. 

Project Details

Partners: Mediaset (IT), Institute of Communications and Computer Systems (GR), HYPERTECH INNOVATIONS (UK), FLYING EYE (DE), Domino Production (FR), FINCONS GROUP (CH)

The PRODUCER project is funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 Programme under grant agreement 731893.

Fraunhofer FOKUS Role

The core activity of Fraunhofer FOKUS consists in the development and provision of the 360° Video Playout and Second Screen Interaction tools.