fame mws 2019 keyvisual logos 2019-05-13
May 21–22, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Frode Hernes

Vewd Software AS, SVP Product Management

Talk: Ad-replacement and addressable TV”, Day 1, Workshop 1, 13:30-14:30

Frode Hernes is SVP of Product Management at Vewd, where he leads product development of Vewd's core products, including the award-winning Vewd HbbTV products.

Frode has more than 35 years of experience with office- and consumer software delivered to B2B customers. Since 2010, he has spearheaded Opera/Vewd products for the TV industry, from the first pioneering HbbTV 1.0 solutions to the latest HbbTV 2.0.1 solutions with advanced Streaming and Media Synchronization, and from the first App Store for TVsto the newly introduced complete turn-key smart TV solution, the Vewd OS.

Frode has broad knowledge of the Smart TV and HbbTV ecosystems, technologies and markets and has been a member of the HbbTV Steering Board since 2012.