Dense Urban Area
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Dense Urban Area

To test the efficiency of 5G as well as of nomadic deployments, opening up the environment to a massive number of users represents the first step.

The dense urban area deployment is meant to test a wider audience trial, using their own devices (which in their majority are LTE capable and could be used in a private environment only over WiFi)

  1. Providing 5G-like connectivity to today’s phones (5G over WiFi or LTE)
  2. Test network capacity with existing radio technologies
  3. The establishment of a wireless only infrastructure
  4. Assessing the live trialing with open access

The outdoor deployment is planned for the Berlin Festival of Lights 2019

  1. Non-3GPP (WiFi) access for the front-end to allow popular usage
  2. 5G specific authentication and authorization over WiFi (N3IWF and AMF)
  3. mmWave backhaul for wireless connected nodes
  4. A single-hop high capacity core network
  5. A comprehensive monitoring and assessment solution
  6. Live testing of security and reliability management features