Local Trials in Berlin

The infrastructure in Berlin is open for local trials. Small or medium size companies can enter into the 5G Playground as technology providers, as use case owners or as both.

For the use case owners, 5G Playground offers the possibility to:

  • To integrate the specific use case devices and applications into a reference 5G environment
  • Execute friendly trials and pilots on an already established infrastructure
  • To validate the use case from a technology perspective
  • To make demonstrations towards the decision factors using a comprehensive environment.

For the technology providers, 5G Playground offers the possibility to:

  • Integrate the products into an already running environment, where interoperability tests and performance evaluations can be executed from the first day
  • Visibility and being part of an independent end-to-end environment including the most innovative technologies
  • Testing of the software components within a system including third party hardware and external components.