Microsoft Play Ready 
| @Fraunhofer FOKUS


DASH content protection with PlayReady

VoD and Live TV premium content to Windows, Android and iOS devices, using MPEG-DASH

Driving DASH industry adoption for VoD and Live TV premium content protection: Starting from Common Encryption applied to MPEG-DASH we are able to playback streamed content in the browser without plugins via W3C Media Source Extensions and Encrypted Media Extensions and offer an HTML5 integration via EME and MSE. The Microsoft’s open specification of a Content Decryption Module Interface (CDMi) enables abstraction of the EME to the DRM system on platform level in an interoperable way. This demo showcases the reference implementation of the CDMi together with the Microsoft PlayReady DRM to playback DRM-protected media content on a set top box-like Unix environment using a Chromium browser with an integrated PlayReady CDM.

Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation | @Fraunhofer FOKUS


Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation

Multi-Device Browsing

Web content usage customization

  • Enable HTML5 content to be divided into the multiple components and to be distributed to each browser on multiple devices
  • Estimate the current device environment for the optimal component assignment
  • Provide a suitable user interface for enabling web content move from device to device
  • Easily create web contents for cooperative use between devices with the authoring tool
Fraunhofer FOKUS


Lightweight platform for HbbTV Services

Prototyping, Validation and Demo

multithek combines broadcast and broadband. The hybrid approach by MEDIA BROADCAST enables OTT-programs and services complimentary to the DTT offering. The HbbTV-based portal is shown as a separate channel on the TV set. Broadcast and IP contents are presented in a truly seamless way: by listing the portal and additional IP-based linear programs in the EPG. The user selects both broadcast and IP channels via the channel buttons on the remote. Navigation on the portal is based on the 5-button principle – guiding the user and offering OTT content without overloading.

Oracle Media Commerce Solution
Media Commerce Solution | @Fraunhofer FOKUS


Media & Entertainment

Media Commerce with MPEG DASH

  • The Oracle Media Commerce solution enables personalized, content-led commerce, totally-flexible transactions and seamless customer journeys
  • Integration with Fraunhofer MPEG DASH streaming solutions
LG Eletronics A Multiscreen Web App Platform
 A Multiscreen Web App Platform | @Fraunhofer FOKUS

LG Electronics 


A Multiscreen Web App Platform

A PARS web app consists of components that can run distributed on a set of devices. Any component can be moved or replicated to another device in the middle of execution. The platform is based on standard HTML5, with a minimal extension, e.g., the Presentation API under discussion in the W3C Second Screen CG.

Smart TV Application The theme-channel around real estate
The theme-channel around real estate | @Fraunhofer FOKUS

ImmobilienScout 24

SmartTV Application

The theme-channel around real estate

  • Property search via 2nd screen: connecting smartphone, tablet and Smart TV to one seamless experience
  • Intelligent interweaving of search results with local information: video of districts, sociodemographic trends and price development
  • Information and inspiration through ImmobilienScout24’s all-round real estate channel
  • Exciting reports from partners and customers of the real estate business

In cooperation with Fraunhofer FOKUS, ImmobilienScout24 has developed the first SmartTV-App focusing on real estate. Showcasing valuable information and inspiration on a TV screen and highlighting all aspects around building, home and lifestyle.

net-m NanooqThe World‘s First Mobile White-Label OS
NanooqThe World‘s First Mobile White-Label OS | @Fraunhofer FOKUS



The World‘s First Mobile White-Label OS

"Nanooq" is the world's first mobile white label operating system for smartphones, tablets and netbooks. It is based on Mozilla's open
operating system and can be quickly tailored to the individual needs of network operators and enterprise customers for a modest outlay. Nanooq has been developed especially for web apps and cloud services. The product offers an ideal solution for all companies requiring a flexible and cost-effective mobile device solution. Nanooq is particularly suitable with niche market solutions such as for elderly users or for kids' smartphones and tablets, but also for mobile POS solutions in the retail environment. In the presented Nanooq version, an in-house Mobile TV service has already been integrated via HTML5 into the Lock and Home screens of the operating system. 

BitTubes Interactive Video 
Interactive Video | @Fraunhofer FOKUS


Interactive Video

BitTubes GmbH is a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS. Our technology allows the viewer to interact with objects within a video and access any kind of supplemental information, such as websites, documents or other multimedia content.

We will showcase how interactive content is created and distributed through cloud based media services to any type of device ranging from PCs, Smartphones, Tablets to Smart TVs. The HTML5 based solution offers players and tools for both, media companies as well as individual users to create, manage and share interactive content through object-based media annotations, comments and supplemental information across Social networks custom made media campaigns.


Cutting edge ICT platforms

  • Part of the Future Internet Public Private Partnership (FI-PPP) programme supported by the European Commission
  • delivers a common technical platform to build, host and operate content applications
  • offers interested developers and SMEs runtime containers and a catalogue of homogeneous APIs
  • Social Connected TV – multi-screen interaction, personalized TV experience
  • Smart City Services – open city database, smart city apps, interactive UGC
  • Pervasive Games – augmented reality, blending real and virtual worlds, toys and city wide games