Digital Convergence and Seamless Connectivity for everyone and everything –  Bringing 5G, SDN/NFV and M2M/IOT together 

Welcome to FFF15, the sixth edition of the successful FFF series. We hope again to bring more than 250 people from all over the world together here in Berlin, Germany. Following its tradition, as an independent leading research organization, Fraunhofer FOKUS will bring together international technology experts to present and debate about the latest developments. Along two days, attendees will have the opportunity to learn via tutorials, workshops, technology demonstrations, and high caliber conferences about the following questions:

  • How is Mobile Broadband evolving into 5G?
  • What role will Satellite and Professional Networks play in LTE and 5G networks?
  • What will 5G be covering and when will we see prototypes?
  • Is there a future of IMS besides VoLTE?
  • What are the expected cost savings of virtualized control and service platforms?
  • What are the real benefits and limitations of OpenFlow?
  • How far can network functionalities be virtualized?
  • What is the status in Cloud-based Service Delivery Platforms?
  • What differentiates M2M from H2H communications?
  • What is the status quo of the Internet of Things (IoT) and what role play M2M standards and platforms?
  • Which M2M / IoT applications are most important in an industrial environment?
  • Big Pipes for Big Data? - What are the impacts of Big Data onto Mobile Broadband?
  • How do IoT/M2M and Big Data relate?
  • What is the impact of SDN and Cloud-SDPs on vendor and operator strategies?
  • How do operators benefit from SDN and Cloud-SDPs?
  • Where and how to use new Technologies and Testbeds?
  • Are industries globally facing the same challenges?
  • How will the factories of the future look like?
  • Which role will 5G, NFV and SDN play in the Factory of the Future (FOF)?
  • Which verticals will benefit more from Industry 4.0?
  • Which regions of the world are more advanced in Industry 4.0?
  • Which new value chains and ecosystems will arise in the factory of the future (FOF)?

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