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Emergency Networks Development and Testing

The actual emergency systems are often based on old-fashioned telecommunication technologies that cannot cope with the IP-based services. The limitations related to these systems include partial media support, non-accurate caller location, and e-Call services with limited data capacity.

As Next Generation Networks (NGNs) are replacing the current telecommunication networks, it follows that the emergency systems need to be upgraded as well in order to fulfill the NGN regulatory requirements in terms of emergency services. In order to pave the path towards Next Generation emergency services (or simply NG112), Fraunhofer FOKUS is providing “EMYtest”. The mission of this testbed is to help public authorities and industry in implementing, testing, and deploying Next Generation112 infrastructures and services with strict adherence to open standards.

The EMYtest testbed includes various components for emergency VoIP calls initiation, routing, caller location configuration and visualization, sensor data transmission, and different media types such as audio, video, instant messaging and Real Time Text. These components are compliant to IETF and ETSI standards and were validated against commercial solutions at the first and second ETSI NG112 plugtests 2016 and 2017 in Sophia Antipolis, France.

EMYtest testbed
EMYtesttestbed Fraunhofer FOKUS

EMYtest offers:

  • consultancy on the development and deployment of NG112.
  • interoperability tests between software components and products that are compliant to the EENA NG112 LTD document and the NENA i3 architecture.
  • manufacturers of NG112 and NG911 products to test their products and solutions against legacy systems,
  • support for the development of innovative solutions for current and future emergency services challenges.
  • TTCN-3 emergency services testing.


  • VoIP
  • IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem)
  • Location (LLDP-MED, DHCP, HELD, CellID, WiFi)
  • Sensor data transmission (CAP, SensorML)

EMYtest does not only focus on NG112 (emergency calls 112) but will be soon extended to support the ETSI standard “Mission Critical Push-To-Talk” (MCPTT) for first responders communications.