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European patent obtained for “method and device for secure data transfer”

News from July 28, 2015

Researcher of the System Quality Center (SQC), Johannes Viehmann, developed a “method and device for secure data transfer”, which allows secure communication in big networks regardless of a trust party. For his invention he received the European patent number 2547034.
The method builds up a secure channel between diverse participants of a network. While doing so, it uses structures, in which information is separated among the participants (secret-sharing). This way, the key to the data does not belong to one single party, which could – in case of attack – cause security vulnerability. Different from other solutions with a public key infrastructure and an asymmetrical encryption method, this patented solution can cope with an infinite amount of computing capacity and any further development of critic analysis methods. Private data communication is consequently optimally secured.
The method was developed for the S-Network, a universally applicable trustworthy repository, which enables users to make and access reliable publications and secure deposits.

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