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fame news 2020-12 zattoo hbbtv
With the HbbTV library by Fraunhofer FOKUS, Zattoo can offer access to additional content services offered by broadcasters Zattoo

Fraunhofer FOKUS integrates HbbTV in Zattoo’s Android TV set-top box

News from Dec. 03, 2020

In cooperation with Zattoo, Fraunhofer FOKUS developed a concept and architecture for enabling HbbTV on Zattoo’s Android TV Operator set-top boxes. As a result, an HbbTV library for Android was developed and integrated in the Zattoo Android TV App. This is one of the first such implementations of HbbTV into an Android TV App.

Zattoo and Fraunhofer FOKUS recently published a whitepaper on implementing HbbTV on Android TV. The challenge was to develop an architecture which is compatible with all 30 variants of Zattoo’s Android App for different devices. As a member of the HbbTV consortium with many years of experience in the various HbbTV-related specifications and active contribution to the standard, Fraunhofer FOKUS supported Zattoo in integrating HbbTV into the Android TV Operator Tier certified set-top box. The resulted HbbTV library was implemented on top of Android’s WebView, which already supports the latest web standards. Additional HbbTV APIs that are not supported in the WebView are implemented as JavaScript Polyfill, which interacts with the Zattoo application especially with the underlying player via dedicated interfaces. This way, the HbbTV library can be integrated into any Android application and can be enabled or disabled at any time with less effort.

Zattoo will add HbbTV to its latest Android TV Operator Tier certified 4K/UHD set-top box. The implementation by Zattoo and Fraunhofer FOKUS is one of the first such integrations of HbbTV into a TV service centric Android TV application. With this standardized platform, Zattoo can offer access to additional content services offered by broadcasters in a quick and efficient manner. The design, hosting, delivery and surfacing of content is up to the broadcasters. Among the first customers are German ADSL provider 1&1, Swiss telco Azienda Multiservizi Bellinzona (AMB) and Swiss network operator senseLAN.

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