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Kick-Off Meeting of 5G VICTORI at Fraunhofer FOKUS in Berlin Fraunhofer FOKUS

New EU project on 5G started

News from Aug. 02, 2019

Last week , Fraunhofer FOKUS hosted the 5G-VICTORI Kick-Off Meeting in Berlin. The large scale EU funded project aims at validating 5G networks with vertical user cases. The testbed infrastructure for the Berlin trials is provided by Fraunhofer FOKUS.

The 5G-VICTORI Consortium came together from July 23-25, 2019, for the project’s Kick-Off Meeting at the premises of Fraunhofer FOKUS. 5G-VICTORI comprises 25 partners from eight European countries. The goal of the meeting was to trigger the discussions related to the definition of the use cases, the associated requirements, and to sketch the proposed field trials. Large scale trials for Railway, Energy, Media and Factories of the Future are planned. Fraunhofer FOKUS provides the Berlin 5G testbed infrastructure based on its 5G Playground, which is already used in the 5GENESIS and 5G-Vinni infrastructure projects.

Fraunhofer FOKUS business unit FAME is co-leading the work package coordinating the trials at the four platform sites. FAME also leads the activities at the Berlin platform site (based on 5GENESIS), which performs three trials. These trials are “Media: CDN services in dense, static and mobile environments”, “Rail critical services” and ”Future Mobility”.

In “Media: CDN services in dense, static and mobile environments”, we work together with Deutsche Bahn (DB), RBB und IRT to allow viewers to continue watching videos during a train journey even in areas with limited mobile data coverage by using a “data shower” concept, providing the most requested videos to a CDN in the train by rapid pre-streaming over 5G at stations. In “Rail critical services”, also realized with Deutsche Bahn, we will demonstrate the provisioning of rail critical services such as the turnout control via 5G technologies. With ”Future Mobility”, the development of a Mobility as a Service (MaaS) framework shall provide Door-to-Door services for passengers adopting sustainable transport modes using 5G.

5G-VICTORI is part of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP), the joint initiative of the European information and communications industry. The goal of this organization is to specify the requirements for the next generation of communications networks and services. At this stage of 5G development, the 5G-PPP Projects are expected to execute large field trials for testing and verifying the performance of 5G technologies in operational environments.

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