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June 13–14, 2023 – Berlin

Bram Tullemans

EBU, Project Manager

Talk: Workshop 5G Media - Best Practice, Standards, Technologies, Day 1, Session 1, 13:30 - 14:30

Bram Tullemans is a senior project manager broadband technology and online services of the EBU Technology & Innovation department. In this role he coordinates the EBU Strategic Programme Internet Services and investigates as programme manager what kind of services the EBU can develop to help its Members in the OTT domain. His main interests are live and video on demand services, the multiscreen ecosystem, content delivery over IP, net-neutrality, (Multi) CDN deployments, (hybrid) cloud services, interactive scenarios merging the linear with on demand experience and the practical applicability of Big Data scenarios for PSM. Before the EBU Bram worked as senior policy advisor research and development at the Dutch public service broadcast organisation NPO. Prior to his activities in the broadcast sector he was director of the Dutch cross media department at the international publishing house IDG Communications, worked as journalist for both ICT business and consumer publications and wrote a book about digital video. Bram studied at the University of Amsterdam and Liverpool in the fields of Philosophy, Television & New Media and Computer Science.