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June 20–24, 2022 – Berlin, Germany

Kai Mysliwiec

Head of Addressable TV Player Engineering, SevenOne Entertainment Group

Workshop Track 2 Session 1, Day 1, 13:30 - 14:30
Session 3, Day 2, 16:30 - 17:30

My team of engineers is connecting TV technologies like broadcast automation with internet technologies like HbbTV in a profitable way. We are using a broad selection of technologies for specific use cases like: JavaScript/node.js for frontend and backend development, C#/.net to interface with broadcast automation and Python for data engineering and error analysis. I am working for more than 15 years now for the SevenOne Entertainment Group. Starting as a developer I worked on projects like Teletext (Perl), web-based CMSs (PHP and Java), database frontends (Ruby on Rails) and Webservices (node.js). Before my engagement with SevenOne I founded an internet agency together with 3 partners and grew it to a size of 20 employees. I studied physics in Munich, but I somehow got stuck with IT and software development. In my spare time I like mountaineering and paragliding if my job and my family allows it.