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June 20–24, 2022 – Berlin, Germany

Romain Bouqueau

CEO and media technologist, Motion Spell / GPAC

Talk: Workshop Track 4 Session 3, Day 1, 16:30 - 18:00

Mr Romain Bouqueau is the founder, CEO, and a senior technologist at Motion Spell. His mission is to build new standards and propose quality implementations.

Mr Bouqueau has been a long time supporter to open-source projects. At the beginning of his career, at Telecom ParisTech, he joined a team of world renowned experts on standardization in the media industry. He jumped into building one of the most amazing software, which was GPAC, and participate in important standardization efforts at MPEG or W3C. Before that Mr Bouqueau had worked at Allegro DVT, a company known for its video transcoders, its video IP cores, and its compliance streams.

Mr Bouqueau a proven track-record of customer successes. He endorsed the CTO role at several startups and he helped several one by joining their boards. Mr Bouqueau is current focusing on promoting standards via open-source software, accessibility, and compliance checking.