Big Policy Canvas

Needs, Trends and ICT Tools for Advanced Data-Driven Public Sector

Oct. 01, 2017 to Sep. 30, 2019

Big Policy Canvas’ Vision: to transform public sector to an effective, efficient, precise, consistent, and evidence-based policy making structure.

In order to get closer to this vision, the consortium will work towards the provision of an ever-evolving methodological framework, backed up by an active community, for the rapid identification and assessment of actual public sector needs, as well as of relevant emerging trends. The aforementioned will be coupled with an identification and mapping of relevant methods, tools, technologies and applications that will formulate a panorama of the public sector disruption landscape. It has to be noted that the Big Policy Canvas consortium will also put particular emphasis on analysing the big data readiness of the public sector, as well as the external framework that can either hinder or catalyse the necessary activities. The Big Policy Canvas consortium aims to effectively engage all interested stakeholders to collaborate towards identifying existing societal and public sector needs, emerging trends, methods, tools, technologies, applications as well as barriers and gaps that hinder public sector disruption, resulting in the offering of a live roadmapping manuscript that will propose short and midterm milestones and relevant actions needed towards achieving the expected impacts for the public sector and the society at large.

Big Policy Canvas’ Main Objective: Foster collaboration amongst relevant stakeholders (public sector, enterprises, citizens, researchers) and offer the appropriate knowledge base, research directions and recommendations towards building a more effective, efficient, precise and evidence-based public sector, as well as promote transparency and restore trust to public sector structures.

The mission of Big Policy Canvas calls on understanding and exploring both the technological and the socio-economic landscapes that will influence and will be influenced by advanced public sector performance, in order to guarantee not only the sustainability and effective utilisation of the solutions proposed, but also the nurturing of a more data-inspired, politically educated, smart and caring generation within and outside of the public sector boundaries that will work towards improving the overall life experience in Europe.

Policy Compass is a 2-years project coordinated by ATOS Spain, based in Madrid. Consortium partners include: National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) from Greece, Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (Fraunhofer FOKUS) from Germany, and Lisbon Council from Belgium.