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May 20–21, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Ludovic Pertuisel

​Thomson Video Networks, Senior Product Manager ​

Ludovic Pertuisel is senior product manager in Thomson Video Networks.

When joining Thomson in 2005, Ludovic was first assigned to the product management of datacasters (EPG/MHP/OpenTV/IP encapsulator), security switchers and the mobile TV headend products.

He is now managing Thomson’s multi-screen encoding/transcoding products and successfully contributes to its development for any digital television application worldwide.

Before joining Thomson Video Networks, Ludovic was working as a video codec engineer on embedded systems in the field of digital compression and as worldwide product line manager on video algorithms.

Ludovic Pertuisel holds a French Diploma of Engineering in Digital Signal Processing (equivalent to a Master of Science) from ESME Sudria, the French engineering school of Electronics, Telecommunications, and Computer Engineering.