Media Web Symposium 2014 
May 8–9, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Adolf Proidl

XroadMedia, CEO, Austria

Adolf Proidl embarked on his journey with digital video in the mid 90ies. Since then he was responsible for R&D, strategy & innovation and intrapreneurship of “first of its kind” video products and standard for iR3, Philips, and APRICO Solutions. His contributions went into digital video on tape (DV, D-VHS), optical (DVD, DVD+RW) and hard disk based video recorders, and into machine learning aimed at content discovery solutions.

He lead the introduction of internet enhanced consumer electronic products, the first DVD recorders with electronic program guides, and controlled the research programs directed towards intelligent, connected video appliances, leading to his founding of the venture APRICO Solutions.

As co-founder and chief executive officer of XroadMedia Adolf is responsible for XroadMedia's vision, structure and innovation, making sure that content discovery empowers the consumer and business creation at the same time. Adolf holds 38 international patents, an M.S. degree in electronics and communication engineering and is a member of the IEEE for 22 years.