Media Web Symposium 2014 
May 8–9, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Oliver Vesper

smartclip, Managing Director, Germany

Oliver Vesper is Managing Director at smartclip Germany. Until 2010 he functioned as a Director for Buisness Development at smartclip. Starting in this position, he was responsible for the execution and development of the supply-side-strategy on all channels: Web, Mobile and Smart TV. Besides publisher management, which incorporates publisher acquisition, project management, partner and key account management and the supervision over the whole portfolio, he is in charge of the setup and integration of new business areas.

Currently, Real Time Advertising is becoming a topic of greater interest. Oliver looks back at more than 12 years of media experience in digital business. Further stations in his career include the Quality Channel (now SPIEGEL QC) which is the Marketer of the Spiegel Group. He first gained international experience at Lycos Europe in the pan-European Business Development. Oliver Vesper graduated under Prof. em. Dr. Jörg Link at the Faculty of Economics and Management, University of Kassel 2013 to Dr. rer. pol.