Media Web Symposium 2014 
May 8–9, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Martin Kurze

Deutsche Telekom Innovations Labs, Director Research & Innovation, Germany

Dr. Martin Kurze is responsible for the Terminals-related R&D at Deutsche Telekom’s Research and Innovation Unit T-Labs. Here he lead numerous engineering and research projects in the context of operating systems, user interfaces and device based software stacks. His experience and merits include early 2D and 3D web-interfaces for desktop and mobile devices and services, augmented reality platforms, early Android developments (2007/08) and numerous software stacks as well as system architectures for internet- and web based systems including ID-Management and high-security systems. His particular interest and expertise is on user insights and participative design methods to build products that users want and enjoy using.

Today his responsibilities include DT’s engineering and contribution project to the Mozilla project “Firefox OS” (formerly known as “Boot-to-Gecko”/B2G). Here he leads an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers and engineers building the new mobile operating system and applications for it. Special emphasis is put on privacy & security aspects.

Prior to his work at T-Labs, Martin Kurze lead teams at T-Systems, T-Nova and other companies in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) business. His professional interests range from systems architecture and human-computer interaction to technology scouting, business development and technology strategy.

Martin Kurze holds a PhD degree in computer science from Freie Universität Berlin where he also graduated in this subject and in chemistry. He lives in Berlin, is married and proud father of three children.