Media Web Symposium 2014 
May 8–9, 2014 – Berlin, Germany

Philipp Hoschka 

W3C, Deputy Director, France

Dr. Philipp Hoschka is a Deputy Director of the W3C. His main interest is bringing the benefits of Web technology to mobile and other non-PC devices. In 2006, he founded W3C's Ubiquitous Web Domain which includes W3C's Mobile Web Initiativecreated by Philipp in 2005. In the past, he pioneered work on integrating audio and video into the Web. Philipp founded, chaired and served as editor for the Working Group that developed the W3C Standard SMIL which today is an integral part of mobile phone MMS messaging.

Philipp also lead W3C's "Television and the Web" Activity. He previously directed W3C's Architecture Domain, which issues all core XML specifications from the W3C. Philipp chaired numerous W3C workshops that explored new Web developments, such as Workshops on the Mobile Web Initiative, Web Services, Television and the Web, Push Technology and Real-Time Multimedia and the Web. Philipp holds a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, and a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University Of Karlsruhe, Germany.