NTT - Multiscreen collaboration to realize resilient information sharing

To support evacuation centers without Internet access due to a disaster, our multiscreen collaboration realizes resilient information sharing that allows evacuees to share disaster information among devises with a HTML5 browser by connecting to a local Wi-Fi router and launching the browser. The demo system shares information among the centers through the movement of people.

NTT - Information division/cooperation technology applicable to HTML5

We propose a technology to divide/allocate web content elements among devices in accordance with user situation changes. The demo will show you how the elements are freely transferred among smartphones, tablet devices, and television sets when user situations are changed. Users can configure their systems in a "My Style" manner that suits their preferences and the devices they want to use.

Media Broadcast - Multithek

The HbbTV-based portal is shown as a separate channel on the TV set. Broadcast and IP contents are presented in a truly seamless way: by listing the portal and additional IP-based linear programs in the EPG. The user selects both broadcast and IP channels via the channel buttons on the remote. Navigation on the portal is based on the 5-button principle – guiding the user and offering OTT content without overloading.

  • Based on HbbTV standard
  • Unique access by selecting channel – portal opens automatically
  • IP-content in a seamless way
  • No dedicated hardware
  • Offers more variety on DTT platform
  • netrange MMH GmbH - Global Smart TV Portal Solutions

    NetRange is a global provider of white label, brand independent Smart TV portal solutions. NetRange is operating integrated worldwide full-service Smart TV portals for major clients such as HD+ (a subsidiary of SES Platform Services), Sharp, Ikea, TCL Thomson, Loewe, Vestel and Media Broadcast. It is also one of the world’s most successful service providers for the development of Smart TV applications and services.

  • NetRange Portal: CE-HTML / HbbTV / HTML5 compatible / fully device independent: works on every combination of browser, middleware and chipset / available for Linux and Android
  • NetRange Middleware: Full middleware solution for TV / STB, including: DRM / HLS / UPnP / DVB-Stack / DLNA / MS PlayReady DRM / Second Screen Solution / etc. / works on every chipset / available for Linux and Android
  • NetRange Browser: Modular browser solution supporting: HTML4,5 / XHTML / offline applications / Javascript / HbbTV / APIs to middleware extensions / works on every chipset / available for Linux and Android
  • RTV Media Group - rtv smartTVpredictor

    rtv smartTVpredictor provides personalized program recommendations. The rtv predictor is based on the Fraunhofer FOKUS Recommendation Engine. The algorithm uses complex metadata and a database of related ratings of other users to generate recommendations that match the user’s preferences. The system is already in use in an open Web Beta since January 2013 on

    The rtv smartTVpredictor takes advantage of multiple self-learning mathematical algorithms and includes new items on a regular basis.

    Key Features:

    • Program highlights for a specific time period
    • Find similar programs to the selected one
    • Browse the whole TV program in list view o Rate yesterday’s program
    • Discovery of relevant new programs

    API for 3rd party applications

    Complete set of metadata from rtv:

    • Program listings
    • Images, trailer
    • Texts and reviews
    • Actors, director, etc.

    BitTubes - Non Linear Video: Interactive Media Technology

    BitTubes GmbH develops and sells advanced media web technologies helping customers to increase their user’ satisfaction and service experience. Operating as a stealth mode company, we provide solutions that enable cross platform applications targeting various different industries such as telecommunication, Internet, broadcasting and automotive.Non-linear video (NLV) is a technology which makes video content an interactive experience. Non-linear video gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with objects that are part of the video and access supplemental information. On demand, multimedia content is linked with related information. Interactive, time independent navigation opens new ways to experience video content.

    rbb - Next Generation HbbTV Services

  •  Second-screen service synchronised with TV content
  • Subtitles customised by users
  • Results of an “IRT - RBB Innovationsprojekt” collaboration in the EU-funded projects FI-CONTENT and HBB-NEXT.
  • httv - httvLink: an open-middleware for connected TV receivers

    httvLink is an innovative open middleware solution for Connected TV receivers. It addresses all Digital TV platforms: from Terrestrial, Cable & Satellite to hybrid and pure IP (IPTV, OTT).httvLink is a hybrid Broadband, Broadcast DVB, PVR ready solution leveraging all the possibilities of connectivity:OTT services (VOD, Catch-up TV), HbbTV interactivity, hybrid EPG, multiscreen, etc. httvLink is a Linux based solution pre-integrated and tested on major Digital TV chipsets and CAS solutions.

    This open-middleware solution has also an interesting UI which provides to the user a coherent navigation through vertical lists of items stackable on the side of the TV screen to minimize the image overlay. It gives to the user easy access to all the advanced features supported by httvLink. Our UI also supports some unique features such as the capacity to mix to the DVB broadcast Channel lineup Over the Top IP channel lineup extending the TV and Radio offering in a totally transparent way. Thanks to its QT based implementation it provides user profiles with for example a friendly kids look and feel, where content has been adapted to the Kids interests.

    httv - Hbbtv StarterKit: a lightweight platform for HbbTV services prototyping, validation and demo

    HbbTV Starter Kit is a lightweight platform for HbbTV services prototyping, validation and demo in real broadcast conditions. It fits into a PC and a modulation card. The software is a simplified version of httvStream, the play-out solution chosen by the French DTT. It eases and speeds up the development and validation phases. It is also the perfect demonstration and promotion tool during customer meetings or professional events.

    It allows to test any HbbTV application type (Broadband, Broadcast or Hybrid) and service (News, Catch-up Portal,VOD, EPG, voting, etc.). Its web based user interface is designed for a wide audience, technical and non-technical.

    webinos - A Pioneering Open Web Platform For Multiscreen Applications

    webinos delivers an Open Source platform that connects user’s devices securely and allows applications to run and use resources across mobile, PC, home media, TV sets and in-car devices in new ways.Implementations and demos are shown across all screens and covering Android, Windows, OSX and Linux. The webinos project has over twenty partners from across Europe spanning academic institutions, industry research firms, software firms, handset manufacturers and automotive manufacturers.


    Future media Internet for large-scale CONTent experimentation (FI-CONTENT) is a project that will transform the perception of, and possibilities for, the next generation Internet. With inputs from five important content areas, spanning future uses of AV, games, Web, metadata and user generated content, demonstrating usage beyond current state of the art, we have assembled a consortium including major content providers, games companies, hardware vendors, network operators, broadcasters, research institutes and academia to propose a number of novel and inventive scenarios for new forms of content.

    The FI-CONTENT Demo is dedicated to the presentation of the project and the results attained during FI-PPP phase 1. The Future Internet architecture and the enablers necessary to implement FI-CONTENT use cases will be showcased.