2nd FOKUS Media Web Symposium
Nov. 10–11, 2011 – Berlin, Germany

Feedback 2011

Philipp Hoschka - W3C, France

“Excellent roster of high-quality speakers and attendees!”

John C. Simmons - Microsoft, USA

"The web is being transformed by video, and nowhere has this fact been more apparent than at the 2011 media web symposium, where analysts, architects and entrepreneurs shared their unique perspectives on this technological inflection point. A front row seat for broadcast-broadband convergence. Fascinating!"

Henning Eid - Embedded Sales Group EMEA, Intel GmbH, Germany

"The MWS has again gathered all the important players and has showed the direction of the development of Apps and Content for e.g. the TV."

Claes Nilsson - Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications AB, Sweden

"The Web is the most promising cross-platform application environment and the media industry is currently moving fast towards the web. Sony Ericsson products are important parts of this ecosystem. I was happy to attend MWS both as a speaker and panel participant as well as listener to many highly interesting presentations."

Ajit Jaokar - Futuretext, UK

"I speak at many events globally - and the Media Web Symposium in Berlin was truly a world class event. The event focuses on the interplay of Media and the Web. Today, with the deployment of connected TV, the issues discussed at the Media Web Symposium have become mainstream. I expect this trend will continue making the Media Web Symposium a must-attend event in 2012 as well."

Helge Schütt  - Accso - Accelerated Solutions GmbH, Germany

„Vielen Dank nochmal für diese Veranstaltung, die in sehr kompakter Form einen guten Überblick über die aktuellen Trends im Bereich Connected TV bietet!“

Alexander Adolf , - Condition-ALPHA Digital Broadcast Technology Consulting, Germany

"The second edition of the Media Web Symposium was again a great experience. A good mixture of forward looking, and current leading edge product presentations. Great for refreshing your network. Splendid organisation made it a smooth and enjoyable experience. Thanks to all the folks at Fraunhofer, and looking forward to MWS2012!"

Arkady Zaslavsky - CSIRO, Australia

"I can say that it was very well organised. Shows and demos were impressive and inspiring. I can testify that it was of very high quality and value. It was the right balance of industry appeal, technical depth and research inspiration. I appreciated the opportunity to talk about some of our CSIRO projects and hope that we will have more such opportunities in future."