Nov. 5–6, 2015 – Berlin, Germany

Using OpenSDNCore for Product Prototyping

This demonstration developed together with CarrierConnect llc provides an overview on how the Fraunhofer FOKUS toolkits can enable the cheap and fast prototyping of a new product. Specifically, it will demonstrate how a hardware component can be enhanced with SDN functionality to provide the appropriate functionality for the next generation of Network Function Virtualization infrastructures. 

Open5GCore & the pragmatic approach towards 5G ecosystem

This demonstration will present the radical innovative practical approach taken by Open5GCore Rel. 2 towards 5G core network. Along to the advanced core network architectures, radio protocol signaling and benchmarking mechanism, this year's demonstration focuses on:
  • Service Oriented Efficient Data Path Mechanisms based on SFC and SDN
  • Highly Flexible Implementation Architectures (with load balancing and high availability) addressing cloud deployments
  • Mobile Edge Deployments
  • Flexible SDN infrastructures for inter-cloud communication 

Secure M2M management for 1000+1 devices in Industry 4.0 Domain

This demonstration will present the Open5GMTC secure and flexible solution for management of the devices present in the Future Factory environment spreading to the topics:
  • Connectivity Management and Monitoring of newly discovered devices 
  • Device Ownership Bootstrap for performing handover of smart devices from one producer to a consumer
  • 5G Environmental Access Control using a Customer Repository Management to interact with the Home Subscriber Server of Open5GCore

Distributed Industrial Internet Programming

In the industrial Internet, M2M/IoT technologies are facilitating the seamless integration of virtual and physical worlds to create truly interconnected smart objects. The M2M-based production is made up of smart interconnected machines where production control can be programmable and distributed. In this demo a shop floor is emulated in the lab where the production logic/control can be updated and modified on the fly based on distributed M2M communication and smart connected objects.

Real-time and Historical Data Analytics 

The IoT technologies will enable the integration of various data sources collected from dedicated cyber-physical systems (CPS), crowd sourcing, public Internet. This will foster the development of new data analytic algorithms and technologies that can provide greater detail and meaning for the data than ever before. In this demo data measured from various offices and floors at Fraunhofer FOKUS, combined with data collected from external sources based on IoT technologies developed at Fraunhofer FOKUS, is visualized in various ways.

Enriching Information Space with Computer Vision Data 

Computer vision provides new means for enriching the information space of any cyber-physical system. This will allow to enhance data analytic mechanisms with multimedia information. In this demo a video stream is captured with a simple web camera. This video stream is then transferred to various computer vision algorithms that, in turn, interpret the data stream according to defined workflows and generate M2M events accordingly. A Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine then combines these events with other M2M-sensing information to trigger dedicated actions.