About MWS

​Mobile-media experts, technology and content provider meet at Berlin in November 2010 to discuss recent trends in the area of Mobile Applications, Social Media and Hybrid TV.

The bulk of services in today’s mass market as well as the markets of the future will be web-based. In this vein contents and services can be distributed towards miscellaneous media as PCs, game consoles, TVs, mobile phones and tablets. An individual device specific adaptation for several smartphones, iPad, PC or Hybrid TV is obsolete. This saves both time and expenses.
At the FOKUS Media Web Symposium, to be held at 4th and 5th November 2010 in Berlin, about 200 experts from Germany and abroad will discuss which technical gaps and barriers have to be cleared to distribute optimized versions for a multitude of end devices. Furthermore, a respond to the question on how an individualization of content could be enabled by insertion of additional information will be figured out.
The morning sessions of the first day will be geared to technical questions addressing topics like IPTV, ConnectedTV, WebTV, HbbTV, mobile applications, social media web as well as Android programming. During the afternoon HybridTV and mobile application workshops will be offered.
Day two of the symposium forms the backbone of the event and should provide insights to project managers and executive personnel from media and content industry as well. Therefore a conference will discuss and present opportunities and risks coming along with the integration of content on several platforms.