Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab

Innovative visualization technologies and opportunities for interaction are tested at the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab. It hosts a portable vertical dome. VISCOM’s own automatic calibration software is used to project images onto the curved screens that are free from distortions, consistently sharp and of a high resolution. The Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab is where researchers at VISCOM meet with content producers as well as with potential clients and partners intending to use projection environments or full domes that apply technologies developed at Fraunhofer FOKUS.

The scientists’ projection technologies are not limited to domes, however. For instance, the virtual advertising column developed at VISCOM introduces new options of digital signage. As a stereoscopic VR object display it additionally facilitates viewing virtual objects similar to a hologram.

Simulators and image processing systems for medical technology are also being developed at the Computer Graphics and Visualization Lab in addition to projection systems. Doctors are enabled to virtually practice endoscopic procedures while manufacturers can assess and optimize the future device and its technical properties at an early stage in the development process. The simulation of optical and mechanical characteristics as well as the integration of innovative interactive interfaces is at the center of attention. Real-time capable visualization and image processing is facilitated through the use of potent GPUs (Graphic Processing Units).

  • Hardware: 8 WUXGA active stereo 3D advanced projectors
  • Software: Fraunhofer FOKUS ScreenPlayer, ScreenConfigurator and ShowManager
Procedures for simulators and image processing in medical technology:
  • Hardware simulators 2D, 3D Optimization of individual components using hardware-in-the-loop testing Modeling of organs 2D, 3D
  • Real-time processing of high-resolution images on GPUs
  • Optical, marker-based motion tracking