The FAME TV Lab provides an extensive vendor and provider independent test and development environment for the latest hybrid TV technologies, newest TV devices, media formats, interactive content and multiscreen applications. With our expertise in areas such as Deep Media, HbbTV, MPEG DASH, Dynamic Ad-Insertion (DAI) and Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI), 360° Video Streaming, Addressable TV, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Content Protection we support our industry partners in the implementation of complex TV and streaming solutions. Our service offer ranges from the conception, implementation and validation to the development and evaluation of extensive tests on real end devices. The experiences gained and our long-standing knowledge not only enable us to build prototypes, demonstrators and proof-of-concept solutions but also to provide service offers for product developments meeting all the latest standards. 

Technological Environment

The FAME TV Lab offers a professional infrastructure and is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and market-leading solutions:

  • DVB-S2 / DVB-S / DVB-T2 Receiving Installations
  • HD & UltraHD / 4K enabled TV and IPTV Headend
    • DVB to IP Multicast / Unicast Turnaround Solution
    • 4K and HD Encoder
    • Various Streaming Server
    • Industry proven Origin & Packager Solutions for MPEG DASH, HLS, Smooth Streaming
    • DRM Solutions (PlayReady, Common Encryption CENC, Widevine, Fairplay)
    • SCTE35 Insertion for Dynamic Ad Insertion
  • HbbTV Playout System
    • Creation of self-maintained TV Test Channels and Red Button Applications
    • Extensive HbbTV App Testing
  • Development Platforms and SDKs
    • All major SmartTV Platforms (vendor specific as well as standard compliant through HbbTV, W3C und HTML5)
    • Managed and unmanaged IPTV Platforms
  • Devices for testing and evaluation
    • Full range of state-of-the-art HbbTV and Smart TV devices such as Set-Top-Boxes of all major manufacturers (2010 to date)
    • Mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets (Android, iOS, Windows)
    • Prototypes and Preproduction Models of TV devices and Set-Top-Boxes for an early evaluation of new standards