FAME ifa 2014 robert seeliger
Sep. 11–15, 2015 – Amsterdam, Netherlands

FAME at IBC 2015

From September 11-15, 2015, FAME will exhibit at IBC in Amsterdam. We will demonstrate our following solutions:

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Create apps for your HbbTV easily Fraunhofer FOKUS

HbbTV Application Toolkit

Creating HbbTV apps made easy

The HbbTV Application Toolkit – HAT – presents a CMS for creation of HbbTV applications, which allows content creators without specific technical skills to build interactive TV applications and is developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS' Competence Center Future Applications and Media (FAME). So far HAT covers a simple themes collection which can be accessed through the editor UI. Here the content editor can choose from different layouts and designs regarding the background and color scheme. The layouts include basic modules, broadcast or IP-video, text, image and live blog. The live blog includes an external live blog coming via social media APIs. We see a great potential in the uptake of programme-related HbbTV apps creating new markets for developers and technology providers. HbbTV Application Toolkit Editor HAT provides an editor/CMS with a set of GUI templates that can be filled with text, images audio and video content via a responsive user interface for desktop and mobile devices alike. The content palette can be extended by customized modules, e.g. for display of social-media feeds. The toolkit includes a collection of templates and modules, allowing control of all application elements including broadcast source, IP video source, images, text, picture gallery, social media feeds, popups and overall application layout. When creating more than one page, a navigation menu is automatically generated.


  • Fast and easy creation of programme-related HbbTV applications
  • Provides a set of App templates tailored to the TV screen
  • Content can be added via an easy to use web interface
  • Supports HbbTV app developers by offering templates and modules like interactive video and photo gallery, text, menus, social media and companion screen support

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Open Content Decryption Module Fraunhofer FOKUS

Open Content Decryption Module

PlayReady-compliant CDM for HTML5 content protection

The Open Content Decryption Module (OCDM) is a Content Decryption Module (CDM) compliant to W3C Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) specification to be used with HTML5 based browser environments. OCDM source code is now available on GitHub.

The Open Source Content Decryption Module has been developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS with the aim to be suitable and interoperable for as many systems and providers as possible. The code is accessible for everyone on GitHub.

It is intended for OEMs, DRM providers, system integrators and browser vendors looking to enable playback of premium video content via EME. The CDMi itself contains most CDM logic and is a c++ wrapper for the embedded platform DRM. This implementation offers interoperable HTML5 based protected video delivery, DRM interoperability based on Common Encryption (CENC) and MPEG-DASH support.

  • Interoperable HTML5-based content protected video delivery
  • EME-compatible Open Source CDM
  • Compliance with CDMi specification
  • Compatible with Microsoft PlayReady
  • Integration with Chromium/Blink

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FAMIUM DASH and DRM solution Fraunhofer FOKUS

Ad-Insertion solutions for HbbTV 2.0, OTT and HTML5

The Fraunhofer FOKUS Ad-Insertion Tools demonstrate standards-based dynamic ad-insertion techniques for HbbTV 2.0 and Over-the-Top delivery (OTT) via MPEG DASH and HTML5.
The solution allows for hybrid playout of Ad cue messages to both, broadcast and broadband world and supports conversion of SCTE35 to HbbTV and MPEG DASH specific events for ad signaling,
VAST and various ad types like display and video ads.