Brandenburger Tor
Nov. 15–16, 2018 – Fraunhofer FOKUS, Berlin, Germany

Andreas Kwoczek

Volkswagen AG, Germany

Andreas Kwoczek received his diploma in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Braunschweig in 1987. He worked on 94 GHz transceivers and antennas with Rheinmetall Forschung and Germania Hochfrequenztechnik. In 1998 he joined Volkswagen and was responsible for the introduction and integration of car antennas. In 2007 he moved to Volkswagen Group Research and was responsible for the car-to-car communication hardware and evolving communication technologies. He participated in various national and international projects. Since 2012 he is heading the group responsible for digital maps, positioning and communication. Since 2014 the responsibility included future communications systems i.e. 5G. From January 2017 onwards he is heading the research group for cooperative systems and communications technologies. His research interests are communication systems, antennas and transceivers in the frequency range from Sub-GHz to THz.


5G for Automotive

Vehicular automation is an evolved topic. With introduction of automated vehicles there is not only the safety aspect to be considered. The homologation requires that every vehicle is safe and secure without communication. But for an efficient traffic flow we need to communicate our intentions to the neighboring vehicles. In addition we need to complement the environmental model that every automated vehicle build for himself with the information from other vehicles, especially in dense traffic where the own sensors may be blocked. The discussion of a fixed automotive network slice leads to the requirements that a vehicle encounters and that these are highly volatile due to the high mobility. Part of the solution is the Agile Quality of Service Adaptation together with the prediction.