Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Vishnu Ram OV

India, on behalf of ITU-T FG ML5G

Vishnu has hands-on experience in the field of Telecom industry for more than two decades, developing and implementing standards, and holds many international granted patents. He is the chief editor of the recently published ITU-T Recommendation Y,3172 for integration of Machine Learning in future networks including 5G. His current passion includes coordinating standards in the area of AI/ML+5G and mentoring student projects for ITU in this area.


Opportunities/Challenges For 5G+AI/ML

ITU-T has studied several use cases for integration of Artificial Intelligence including machine learning in future networks including IMT-2020. These were analysed and classified to derive use case requirements and architecture requirements. Based on these requirements, an architecture framework was published as ITU-T Y.3172 for integration of machine learning in future networks including IMT-2020. Furthermore, a data handling framework and evaluation mechanisms for intelligence level were also agreed. In this talk, we describe the challenges as encountered in these processes, some future standards directions and a call for collaborations.