Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Daniel-Constantin Mierla

Kamailio, Germany

Daniel is co-founder and lead developer of the Kamailio project, an open source SIP server used world wide for building VoIP, IMS and WebRTC platforms. A graduate of Computer Science University in Bucharest, Romania, Daniel has spent the last two decades in the real time communications space, designing and deploying innovative systems, actively promoting open source in telecom market.


The Challenges And Opportunities Of Open Source In Telecom - The Story Of The Past 20 Years

The availability of broadband Internet together with the mass adoption of mobile devices, allowed new companies to launch RTC services without significant investment. Open source applications are key components of the over the top services, enabling faster development of new features, pressuring the classic telecom companies to adapt quicker to the customers' needs. This talks presents the challenges faced during the past twenty years to introduce open source to telecom market, what is the current state and the opportunities for the future.