Nov. 7–8, 2019 – Berlin, Germany

Joanna Balcerzak

Orange Labs, France

Joanna Balcerzak works for Orange Labs in France, as an E2E architect in QoS domain and project manager in interoperability domain. She received her M.Sc. , Eng. degree in Computer Science. She is Orange delegate in ETSI TC INT. She is also contributing to NGMN via the 5GTTI (5G Trial & Testing Initiative). Joanna authored several papers in QoS and QoE domains. She is also contributing to SliceNet project.


Cognitive Slice Management: It Takes A Village

Network slicing is a fundamental architectural feature of 5G network where the network infrastructure is divided into slices devoted to different services and customized to their needs. Network slice management is challenging and very complex, taking into account the various intra- and inter-domain deployment scenarios, divergent use cases with different requirements and stakeholders. One of the key technologies to be used in Cognitive Slice Management is Machine Learning.

The scope of the presentation is two folds: the first part will cover the lifecycle management and orchestration of slices in the context of 5G based on the 5GPPP SliceNet project. This includes a reference architecture from functional and software perspective which aims to be data-driven by design. The second part will propose a mapping of the main building blocks to the reference architecture within the 3GPP 5G architecture.